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Farming in Palestine


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Union of Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees
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The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC) was founded in 1983 by a group of young agronomists and farmers. These volunteers provided Palestinian farmers with extension services and carried out vital grassroots organising work. They built their success on giving day-to-day support during the Intifada and countering Israeli policies that aimed to destroy the Palestinian agriculture.

Today PARC has grown into a successful and dynamic non-government organisation (NGO) playing a pioneering role throughout the West Bank and Gaza. PARC works directly with poor and marginalized farmers -both men and women - and aims to improve their ability to make a living from farming and to develop a strong Palestinian agricultural sector through the provision of professional services.

Mission Statement

PARC is a leading non profit organization working in the field of rural development, environment protection and enhancement of rural women's role and status. We offer extension, raise awareness and provide supporting activities and services for individuals, groups and organizations working in the same field. We rely upon the active and broad grassroots participation of our beneficiaries parallel to the promotion of the expertise and skills of our staff, aiming at developing a Palestinian civil democratic society.

Quality Policy

PARC's management and staff are committed to providing first rate development services distinguished by professional and technical excellence using innovative and effective methods.

These services are defined by the economic social and environmental needs and expectations of marginalised rural groups in a way that ensures the optimal use of available resources.

PARC offers its services through a sustainable administrative system that seeks constant improvement and through a committed team of highly skilled staff.


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Beit Hanina, Opp Frere Elementary School for Boys

P.O. Box 25128, Shufat - East Jerusalem

Tel: + 972 2 5833818, Fax: + 972 2 5831898

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